FlyFF is one of the first games to introduce free roaming flight in an MMORPG. It is a fun mode of transportation that will allow you to explore Madrigal at soaring heights. Take to the skies for breathtaking views of the land, engage in aerial combat with evil monsters, or participate in the weekly Rainbow Race.

Flight is available to players once they hit level 20. There are currently 4 different items that help you fly: brooms, riding boards, bikes, and wings, with each type having several variants and each having varying speeds.

Flying in FlyFF is simple and easy. Simply equip your flying item from your inventory and voila - you're ready to reach for the stars.


Tap your spacebar to begin accelerating and use the WASD keys to control the direction you are going.


Unlike walking however, W moves you downward and S moves you upwards. A and D will turn you left or right respectively and tapping spacebar a second time will slow you down and eventually bring you to a halt. There is no going in reverse for flying.


You can pretty much go anywhere in Madrigal with the exception of no fly zones that magically prevent you from using your flying item.




  Aerial Combat


Aerial combat is just as simple as flying. Following the directions bellow will have you slaying evil masquerpets and helping to keep the skies safe in no time.


Select and target your masquerpet by pressing the "TAB" key on your keyboard a redish pink targeting square will appear around the masquerpet. Pressing "TAB" repeatedly will cycle though the available masquerpets.


To follow the masquerpet press and hold the "Z" key on your keyboard. If your flying device is in motion you will fly around the masquerpet while attacking. To stop press "SPACE BAR". ( Sometimes the auto-follow is already engaged)


To Attack simply press the "INSERT" key or Click and hold your mouse cursor on the masquerpet. (The only auto-attack for mages seems to be the "INSERT" key)


 A few things to remember about Aerial combat.

  • You can not use any skills

  • You fight by physically whacking the masquerpet with your weapon, be it Sword, Axe, Stick, Knuckle, Yo-yo, Bow or Staff. The only weapon that you do not physically hit the masquerpet with is the Wand (although close up it might appear to be so).

  • Once you have targeted and hit the masquerpet you may lure it to ground level (stay on your flying device) and receive buffs from the ground.

  • Drops will go directly to your pack. If there is no room in your pack they will be


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