Flying System

FLYFF is one of the first MMORPG games that implemented a flying system. It is a fun method of transport that lets you explore Madrigal from high above.

Go to the sky and enjoy the wonderful view of the land, fight with vicious monsters via aerial fights and join the Rainbow Race every week.

Various Class

You can select various jobs accordingly to your character growth and you can use unique skills according to your job.

You start with the wanderer job and you can change class from total of 4 jobs to 16 different classes. Select the class that best suits you and protect the land of Madrigal from the danger of monsters.

Troupe growth system

It’s a different party function that is different from those average party systems. It’s evolved party growth system in which when the character levels up, the party (troupe) also grows and you can you can use party (troupe) exclusive skills.

Piercing System






This is a unique system in which you can make sockets that lets you apply useful attributes for hunting and elements in items. You can have a tactical combat by applying elements and additional attributes with a pierced item. Try the socket forging that has a different charm than your regular forging.

Beautiful land of Madrigal

There are beautiful natural settings and outstanding buildings in various locations of Madrigal in Flyff. Fly the sky and explore the beautiful land of Madrigal.


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