Flyff is a robust game that possesses all kinds of content to keep you entertained for days, weeks, months, or possibly even years to come. While some of the main features have been highlighted and showcased under the above "Game" button of the website, the following are just a few of the other unique and exciting systems that FlyFF has in place.



  Instanced Dungeons


Introduced to FlyFF in v14 and continuing with v15, Instanced Dungeons are highly dangerous dungeon zones designed for just you and your party. Unlike the other dungeons in the game, instances can only be entered by a party and once in, you will only encounter Masquerpets or monsters and not other players who do not belong to your party. This means that you and your friends do not have to share hard earned loot with other players that are not contributing to the overall goal of tackling the dungeon.


These dungeons can prove to be highly challenging, but the rewards contained within them are definitely worth the effort.





  Couple System


FlyFF offers a cute and charming system in which two in game characters of the opposite sex can pair together to form a couple. While the aesthetics of having an in game significant other is rewarding in itself, there are actually quite a few benefits of being coupled with another player. Some of these include mutual buffs that become better and better the longer you are in a relationship with another player and even free items that become available to the two of you as your "Couple Level" grows and reaches new milestones.




  Rainbow Race


The Rainbow Race is an entertaining little event that takes place every Saturday. It is a race in which all participants must soar through the skies of the various continents of Madrigal in order to complete 7 different mini-games in random order. These mini-games are given by some colorful characters, and the games themselves are nothing short of amusing and fun. Additionally, the first 10 players to complete the mini-games and the race itself are rewarded handsomely.






  Forsaken Tower and the Secret Rooms


The Forsaken Tower is a special dungeon that caters to mid and high level characters. It is a great place for grind heavy players to train in order to strengthen and grow their characters.


More importantly, however, is that atop this tower exists a special place known only as the Secret Rooms. Once a week, Guilds can compete in a timed challenge to control these secret rooms. The challenge consists of defeating 100 Giants and a fearsome boss within a 2 hour time limit. The guild that successfully completes this challenge is given great rewards.





  GM Run Events


Perhaps one of the most unique characteristics of FlyFF is that each and every week a new event is introduced and run so that players are constantly experiencing something different. Some of these are in the form of themed scripted events where a new quest will be globally offered for a limited time, or where new and unique items will be dropping off of monsters whereas they normally wouldn't, or even never before seen monsters will be spawning throughout the world.


The most exciting of these however, is where the GMs (the admins of the game itself) will often be interacting with the players in game and hosting various mini-games, in game sales, challenges, etc. These often turn out to be great ways for the community to come together, interact, and get to know each and everyone involved with FlyFF in a fun environment.


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