While FlyFF is primarily a PvE (Player vs Environment) focused game, there is still an enormous amount of PvP (player vs player) content to keep competitive minded players happy and absorbed for hours on end. Indeed, the PvP experience in FlyFF is not only visceral and action packed, but highly rewarding.





In FlyFF, dueling is when you and another player have a friendly (or not so friendly) match. It is a great way to test your mettle and to see how well you stack up against another opponent in one on one combat. In order to enter a duel, you must have completed your first job quest. For example, if you were a vagrant you couldn't possibly fight another player. Also, you are not allowed to duel anyone who is 29 levels below or above you.



















 Guild Duel


Guild Duels are a larger scaling of PVP and can be done anytime, anywhere. It takes place when two Guilds have a face off. Any members of either guild may participate. In order to start, the guild leader must ask another leader to duel. To do this, the leader must hold down the Alt key and click on the opposing leader. From there they must select the Guild Duel option on the drop down menu. Guild members do not need to be in a party to participate.


The Guild Duel is ended once a Guild Leader is shot down, surrenders, or calls a truce. If the truce is rejected, the war is still on.


However, if one, or both Guild Leaders log out during the war, the Guild whose leader has been online for the longest period of time during the war is automatically awarded victory at the end of the two-hour time limit if the Guild Duel is not ended before the time runs out.




 Guild Siege


Guild Siege is an exciting weekly PvP event held on each server in which up to 10 competitive guilds enter an arena to duke it out in a no holds barred free for all brawl. As an incentive to good performance, the players with the most kills are rewarded with special "Red Chips" which can be used to purchase ultra rare sets of armor. In fact, the best performer is even named the prestigious Weekly Guild Siege MVP!



 PVP Arena


The PvP arena (player vs player arena) is an exciting free for all arena where players can freely attack and kill other players. It is different from duels in that you do not have to obtain consent from other players in order to start attacking. Players can kill and be killed without any penalty what so ever. This includes no exp lost, no item lost, and your pet will not die due to your death in the arena by another player. You cannot fly, use Scrolls of Resurrection, or use Scrolls of Blessing while inside the arena. The Assist class will be able to resurrect you, but only if they wish to do so. The PvP arena is also known as the PK (player killing) arena.



Locating PvP Arena


Talk to (Arena Manager) Lay located in each town to enter the arena.

  • Darkon: The Arena Manager can be located Near the Lodestar of Darkon town

  • Flaris: The Arena Manager can be located in Central Flarine.

  • Saint Morning: the Arena Manager can be located in The Main Part of Saints Morning town where the Lodestar is located








 Demian the PK Server


If that wasn't enough PvP content for you, FlyFF actually hosts a PvP centric server! Demian, also fondly called the PK server, is the one cluster that features the ability for one player to kill another player in almost any area of the world; players are at least protected in towns and cities.


On this server, players are actually somewhat encouraged to kill other players in that if you die at the hands of another player, you actually run the risk of dropping one or more of your valued possessions! The spoils are then free for the player who killed you to pick up. Obviously the reverse is true!


Of course there are systems in place to prevent players from going on mass PKing sprees (such as the PK Penalty system) but these systems only work to balance game play and not hinder it. Needless to say, while this server is not for the faint of heart, it certainly possesses a layer of depth and excitement that hardcore and competitive players can appreciate.


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