Chat Dialog



This channel is for General, unfiltered chatting.


To whisper to a player, type /w followed by the player's name and the message you would like to send. The message will show up in yellow in the recipient's chat box. A whisper can only be viewed by its sender and intended recipient. (Pressing the R. key will cycle through the names of individuals you have whispered to.) The font for whispers is yellow.


The shout channel expands the range of your message to areas far beyond that of public chat. Type /s followed by the message you wish to send. Purchasing a Full Shout from the Premium Shop will allow your shouts to be heard throughout all of your server's channels. Shouts show-up in the Chat Box as purple.


The Troupe Channel is reserved for party chat. Type /p followed by the message you want to send to your party. Troupe Chat will show up in green.


The Guild Channel is reserved for guild chat. Type /g followed by the message you want to send to your Guild Members. Guild Chat will show up in light pink.


Clicking this button will prevent your Chat Box from being moved.


Clicking this button will allow you to select what kind of messages show up in your chat box.


Clicking this button will bring up a small window to show you recent whispers, PMs, and official ingame messages.




  Character Base



Your character name


Job:Your job class

Level:Your current level

Server:Your Server Name

Channel:Current Channel you are on

Flying Level:Indicates your Flying Level

Flying EXP:Indicates your Flying EXP






  Character Detail


ATK:      Your current attack power. This stat determines your strength when fighting an

enemy. The more you have of it, the stronger you are.

DEF:      Your current defense power. This determines how well you are able to resist

upcoming attacks thrown against you. Rather than falling over with each blow,

you will be able to stand your ground.

Critical: Your critical attack percentage chance. The higher this raises the more likely you

are going to hit your maximum damage.

Speed:   Your current attack speed percentage. This determines how quickly you will be

able to strike an opposing enemy.

STR:       Increases your minimum and maximum physical attack.

STA:       Increases your defense as well your HP and FP.

DEX:      Increases projectile damage as well as evasion, accuracy and attack speed.

INT:       Increases your magical defense as well as your MP. Depending on your class of

choice, it may also raise the time durations on your Power Ups (Buff).




  Character PVP / PK




PVP Fame:Your PVP title.


PVP:Your PvP points.

PK:Numbers of players you've killed (PK-ed).

Disposition:Your karma points.





  Messenger Friend


In this window, the '+' signs lets you add a friend. Friends that are offline appear in gray. You can also indicate what you are doing by selecting from the drop down menu (Ex: Online, Offline, AFK, Addict Mode, Eating, Resting/Vending and Moving).



  Messenger Party


This window shows you members in your party as well as their HP. It is also used to target party members that are trapped in groups of monsters.


You can also use this window to target specific party members.


  Messenger Guild


This window shows members of your Guild that are currently online.


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