Continent of Flaris


Flarine still maintained its village like appearance for many years. It came to be known as the City of New Beginnings after its popular motto "To New Beginnings". People from all over the world flocked to Flarine as it was an ideal place to test their skills as well as acquire new ones. The ancient underground chambers that were left behind by the Caoin, Flarine's original inhabitants, became the perfect place for large scaled battles among warriors. This became known as the Guild Siege, a place where novices and professionals came together as one.


Points of Interest:

» Guild Siege Battle Arena
» Mars Dungeon
» Big Muscle Instance
» Krrr Instance
» Mushmoot Instance







  Continent of Saintmorning


Today Saint Morning is best known for its Battle arena and friendly hospitality. Possessing the largest shipping port in all of Madrigal, Saint Morning's unique history attracts hundreds of newcomers from all over the world each passing year. While seemingly innocent, the walls of Saint City hide a terrible secret within. It is rumored that the Mayor had a hand in the creation of the Mia, a species whose origins coincided with the disappearance of the city's children. If this were discovered to be true, the city would erupt in chaos.


Points of Interest:

» Arena
» Pumpkin Town
» Ivillis Temple





  Continent of Garden of Rhisis


No one lives in the garden anymore. It is now a graveyard of memories, its history long forgotten by some people, a shadow of its former glory. Some say that during the nights, the god Iblis returns to the garden and weeps alone, lamenting of his actions and wishing for the past.






  Continent of Darkon 1, 2


Not many people inhabit Darkon today for the danger is too great. Ironically, that danger is precisely what attracts young adventurers to this land. Like the great Eight Heroes before them, they travel throughout Darkon paving their own destinies within its deepest, darkest regions.


Points of Interest:

» Clockworks Lair
» Dekane Mines







  Continent of Darkon 3


Darkon 3 is the most dangerous place in Madrigal. Once a populated city, it now lies abandoned due to excessive threats from the creatures surrounding the area.

Points of Interest:

» Quest Guardians
» Volcane Mines


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